I self identify as CW- 
CW: [see-dub-el-u]
1. cailyn wesstrom- A 3rd year advertising major at the University of Texas at Austin in the Texas Creative program. Can be found looking for cheap plane tickets to visit her family back in El Paso, writing down every dream, out-of-the-blue thought, and to-do list in her 3 different journals she has on hand, or reading the last page of every book she checks in at her job at the library. 
2. copywriter - writer of copy, especially for advertisements or publicity releases.  Obsesses over idioms, anagrams and alliterations. Will type out the same sentence 74 times just to end up with the version #2. 
You can find the professional version of Cailyn here. 
I love to talk. If you wanna share in that love (especially with advice, opportunities or words of encouragement) send me an email: cailynwesstrom@utexas.edu

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